Code: Magi [Founding Tomes]

A Unique Mint Structure

The Founding Tomes

We should start by briefly summarising the Founding Tomes collection, as the format of the collection is what has enabled our custom mint approach.

Mint Phases

The Founding Tomes will follow a 3-phase mint:

Phase 1

The MagiList Phase is exclusively for those on our MagiList.
During the Phase 1 window, MagiListed Wallets will be able to mint 1 x Founding Tome.

Phase 2

During the Phase 2 window, MagiListed wallets will have an opportunity to mint an additional 1 x Founding Tome.

Phase 3

During Phase 3, the Founding Tomes will be available to be minted by anyone.

Tiered Minting Structure

After a lot of discussion between our team, advisors & lead developer we have settled on a customised approach to the Founding Tomes mint, we are calling this approach “Tiered Minting”.

Standard, Premium & Mythic Tiers — Infographic


Rarity Weightings


Rarity Weightings


Rarity Weightings

Why Create a Custom Mint Format?

The Founding Tomes collection format presented a unique opportunity to explore our options to build a customised structure for our mint. We believe that the tiered approach that this exploration has resulted in provides future holders with the speculative fun associated with the element of chance, whilst enabling the option to narrow down the range of possibilities.



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